Tokyo Return

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For those of you who have taken an interest in the Marko Wolf website you have probably noticed that nothing has happened for six weeks or so. This is because of unforeseen circumstances that led to a move to Tokyo that was not welcomed at first and that threw things up in the air, to say the least. The good news is that the transition to the megalopolis has taken place and things are coming together nicely. Since arriving over the weekend positivity has been the vibe. Soon Marko will take to the streets of Shinjuku again and revisit old haunts, places that were special to him years ago. He will check out what has changed and what has remained similar in the spirit that animates this blog – transition. Nothing remains the same thanks to human activity. We actively shape and create our world and have the power to transform it. Completely. In a revolutionary manner. It is not only property developers that influence urban life. As citizens and denizens, we all have a say in what goes on here. Whether or not our voices are heard is up to us. Whether or not we are paid attention to depends on how we organise and educate ourselves. In the coming weeks, the blog will be back on track. The Wolf will howl and the Wolf will growl.